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The MRC and Cancer Funders? Forum (now NCRI) established two cancer collaboratives in 2002. Their purpose was to increase the critical mass of basic and translational cancer researchers working on prostate cancer.

The ProMPT collaborative is organised by Professor David Neal who was in Newcastle until 2002. He then moved to a new Chair of Surgical Oncology in Cambridge and has set up a new clinical department and research group working on prostate cancer.

The other institutions include the Universities of Bristol, Manchester, Newcastle upon Tyne, Sheffield and York. The collaborative is very much working on translational aspects of prostate cancer research and has available to it a wide range of models. The Bristol group is working on epidemiological aspects and IGF, the Manchester group is working on stem cells, the Newcastle group is focused on target identification and validation and new drug development. Sheffield is working on model systems, bone metastasis and angiogenesis, York?s expertise is stem cells, structural biology and prostate specific gene targeting.

ProMPT is considerably strengthened because three of the PIs (Donovan, Hamdy and Neal) are PIs on ProtecT.

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